Video: Milad Tower, Tehran
From the Series This Cane Does Not Fall
Runtime: 1m
140 wpm
About this Episode

One of Tehran's most well-known structures, Milad Tower is the 6th-largest tower in the world. The observation deck allows for a great view of the city. Not to be confused with Tehran's other famous tower structure, the Azadi Tower.

Noteworthy Vocabulary
تِکیه گاه tekiye gâh,   سَرمَد sarmad,   خالی کَردَن xâli kardan,   نَماد namâd,   بیمه bime,   پُشت pošt,   هَرگِز hargez,   عَصا asâ,   وِل کَردَن vel kardan,   مُطمَئِن motma'en,   دُرُست dorost,   اُفتادَن oftâdan,   اَستَن astan,   آره âre,   نِگاه کَردَن negâh kardan,   مِثل mesl,   ماندَن mândan,   اینکه inke,   چی či,   دیگه dige
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