Video: Episode 7
From the Series Cafe Denj
Runtime: 7m
131 wpm
About this Episode

The topic of immigrating continues, with Amir missing Rana more and more. Shirin struggles with her personal relationships. Learn about how young Iranians navigate romantic relationships due to Islamic restrictions. Erfan might be in trouble.

Noteworthy Vocabulary
,   هِوی مِتال hevi metâl,   تاب tâb,   هیپ هاپ hip hâp,   تَب tab,   غوغا ğuğâ,   اِسم‌گُذاری کَردَن esmgozâri kardan,   نیمه nime,   نیکی niki,   نَظم nazm,   اَنبار anbâr,   سَخته saxte,   بی‌رَبط birabt,   غِیرِ مُجاز ğeyre mojâz,   خیابون xiyâbun,   تَحْویل tahvil,   آزادانه âzâdâne,   ایشان išân