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Noun state, condition
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With vowels and transcriptions
Depending on your level of proficiency with the Persian script, you can have all of our subtitles in three versions:
  • Without vowel marks: The way we would encounter them in the wild.
  • With vowel marks: Added for learners.
  • Transliteration, if you are not comfortable with the script yet.
Translated to English
Our subtitles are created with great care, and you can choose to learn with vowel marks, transliteration, or both. We also have translated each and every sentence into English.

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200 hours of interesting, authentic video and audio, for all study levels.

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We have content for everyone - complete beginners just as much as advanced students, and everything in between.

Supported by Science

A number of studies have looked into the use of subtitles when learning a language, and have generally found that using subtitles in the foreign language, as opposed to your native one, has a greater learning effect.

Cultural Deep Dive

The content you learn with here is the very same stuff native speakers enjoy watching. You'll learn about Iranian society, politics and social media along the way. There is plenty of Persian humour there as well!
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Native Speakers

A vast library of authentic content means you''l be exposed to many different native speakers and accents. This is Persian as it is really spoken.

Personalized to youCOMING SOON

Our system will intelligently keep track of which words and grammar structures you are already familiar with, and will then suggest videos that are suitable for you, but have just the right amount of new things to learn.
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With our mobile apps, you'll be able to study when not at home. And with everything working offline, this will be a smooth experience even when the internet is spotty.

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