Questions you may have

Do you teach Colloquial Persian?

Yes we do. The majority of our content uses Spoken Persian, with some Formal Persian materials also available. For further information, read our article on Spoken vs Written Persian.

Can I learn Persian with this website alone? Is it suitable for beginners?

We have content for learners of all levels, including novices. Even if you have just began learning the language, you will be able to improve your listening skills, and expand your vocabulary. We'll have videos for you that are at the right level of comprehensible input for you.

That said, we do not provide at this time a "course" that would guide you through language acquisition and the grammar, so you'll want to have other learning material to work with. In general, we do not believe in a "one app" solution to language learning - we recommend you take a more holistic approach. Find a good book, use a flash card system such as Anki to help memorize vocabulary, maybe even get a teacher on italki.

How difficult is Persian?

It's not particularly hard. Read our article on what the hard and easy parts of Persian are.

What do I have to know about the Persian alphabet?

That you do not necessarily have to know the Persian script.

I am a teacher. Can I use the app for my students, or in my class?

Have a look at our info page for teachers.

I have my own videos I want to use. Can I?

Not right now. At some point in the future we'd like to support it, but currently, we are not able to provide high-quality word lookups without manually editing the texts.

If you have original content you think would be suitable for learning Farsi, please contact us.