Speak Persian, and skip the alphabet

Don't want to struggle with the Persian script, but just learn to speak? Good news: our complete content library is fully romanized. Every single word and sentence is available in a Latin transliteration ("Finglish").

Did we say a transliteration? Well, there isn't just one single way to write Persian in Roman letters, so we actually support multiple Finglish styles - you can pick the one your are most familiar with from your other learning materials.

Of course, this is in addition to the English translation, the audio - which you can slow down - and the ability to look up any word.

But is this a good idea?

Yes, we think it is a perfectly valid choice. We are not against learning to alphabet - we even let you turn on a feature to show all vowels spelled out explicitly, if you'd like, and we are working on some great tools to help you learn the Persian script specifically. But if you prefer to focus on speaking first, then this is what you should do.